At the Forefront of the Struggle as We Hold Up Half the Sky: Why the Peace Talks Matter to Pinays and Filipina-Americans

Resistance | In Other Words Staff|

Aleris Villegas | GABRIELA Portland The basis for the continuation of the peace talks between the two recognized governments of the Philippines, the National Democratic Front (NDF) and the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) is to address the root causes …

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This Is Not Reparations, But It Should Be

The In Other Words blog will now feature literary brilliance from trans, non-binary, and cis colonized women and femmes. Each month we’ll share original pieces exploring, deconstructing, and reconstructing: colonialism, race, identity, war, liberation, anger, land, life, sex, trauma, violence, gender, and past/present/future. We …

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From Portland, OR to Standing Rock: #NoDAPL – Water is Life

Events | In Other Words Staff|

Join In Other Words Feminist Community Center and a coalition of social justice groups in Portland on Tuesday November 15th for a national day of action in solidarity with #NoDAPL. We will gather and rally in solidarity with the Water Protectors at Standing …

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Guest Post: Defending Hillary Clinton Isn’t Feminism

Feminist/Queer Issues | In Other Words Staff|

Reposted from Daughter of Oya. For more on Hillary Clinton’s greed, racism, and bloodlust: read this. I wish Trump had interrupted Clinton more. I wish he’d peed on her podium or kicked it over. I feel no empathy or sympathy – at all – for …

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Fuck Portlandia

Center News | In Other Words Staff|

Several months ago the In Other Words community agreed to discontinue our relationship with Portlandia. This was a direct response to a particular egregious filming of the show in our space which saw our store left a mess, our staff mistreated, our neighbors …

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Support the September 9th National Prisoner Strike

Black Lives Matter | In Other Words Staff|

On September 9th, 1971 prisoners took over and shut down Attica, New York State’s most notoriously cruel  prison. On September 9th of 2016, prisoners in the US who have been  forced into slavery by corrupt politicians and  greedy corporations  will begin a strike …

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