Safer Space Policy

There’s no such thing as a safe space. We exist in the real world, and we all carry scars and have caused wounds. This space seeks to turn down the volume of the world outside and amplify the voices that have to fight to be heard elsewhere.

This space will not be perfect. It will not always be what we want it to be, but it will be ours together, and we will work on it side by side. h/t

In Other Words supports the safety of our staff, volunteers, and patrons.  By entering In Other Words and/or participating in our events, discussions, and activities (both on the physical space and online), you agree to abide by the following guidelines:

  1. Cishetero-patriarchy exists, white supremacy exists, ableism exists, racism exists, colonialism never ended, capitalism is bad. This is not a space where we argue about the basics of the situation. We learn and grow together, we do not gaslight each other and we do not minimize or deny experiences with oppression.
  2. Oppressive, abusive, or reactionary language and behavior of any kind will be interrupted and challenged in all IOW spaces and work.
  3. Respect, embrace, and defend the identities and complexities of all people and all life that do not uphold oppressive ideologies. We do not respect, embrace, or defend fascist ideology or persons.
  4. Do not tolerate threats – in any form – to the safety of any member of our organization or any part of the communities In Other Words is accountable to. If you see it, interrupt it. If it’s not safe to interrupt, tell someone as soon as you can.
  5. Respect the boundaries, consent, and emotional and bodily autonomy of all persons and ask about them – do not assume to know them. Unequivocally believe and fight for survivors of rape, trauma, and abuse.
  6. Be accountable. If you are called out for oppressive words or actions listen and then immediately change your behavior. What you meant is less important than what you do after you’ve hurt someone. Own your actions and own your shit.
  7. Abusers and fascists are not welcome in our space and will be asked to leave or be removed.

The collective volunteers and staff at In Other Words are empowered to enforce these rules.  We reserve the right to ask any individual who cannot abide by our Safer Space Policy to leave the physical or online space.