This Is Not Reparations, But It Should Be


The In Other Words blog will now feature literary brilliance from trans, non-binary, and cis colonized women and femmes. Each month we’ll share original pieces exploring, deconstructing, and reconstructing: colonialism, race, identity, war, liberation, anger, land, life, sex, trauma, violence, gender, and past/present/future. We are creating a space that will intentionally center the voices and perspectives of the women and femmes who will help destroy this world and build a better one it’s place.

The politics of white men have destroyed the world. The politics of colonized femmes will save it.

No edits. No filters. No limits.

Every writer will be paid for their work because while this is not reparations, it should be.

If you’d like to submit a piece for this series, email your pitch to We pay $100 per accepted submission. 

If you have questions or comments, leave them on our blog. If you’re hateful we’ll delete your shit.

One response to “This Is Not Reparations, But It Should Be”

  1. You got to that shitty punchline the long way, huh?

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