Guest Post: Defending Hillary Clinton Isn’t Feminism

Defending Hillary Clinton Isn't Feminism

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Guest Post: Defending Hillary Clinton Isn’t Feminism/p>

Reposted from Daughter of Oya. For more on Hillary Clinton’s greed, racism, and bloodlust: read this.

I wish Trump had interrupted Clinton more. I wish he’d peed on her podium or kicked it over. I feel no empathy or sympathy – at all – for this rich racist white woman’s public humiliation at the hands of the masters she serves. The thing about selling out to patriarchy and capitalism at the expense of millions of African, Indigenous, and Arab women around the world is that you ultimately only end up playing yourself.

Hillary Clinton paid for her place in this system with an ocean of blood and she still got talked over by a shitty white dude on national TV.

The whole spectacle is just another example of how little white women in the West actually get for selling out allllllll the rest of the women, girls, and femmes on earth. Like millions and millions and millions of black and brown women, femmes, and children dead, exploited, and enslaved around the world as a direct consequence of white women’s choices and privileges and y’all can’t even get basic as fuck respect or the right to exist without being forced to navigate terrible cis boners and the constant threat of violence.

This is what happens when you allow your oppressor to define your liberation as a position of extremely conditional power within a system which says – emphatically – that you are property to be owned, consumed, and destroyed in all ways. White (American/Western/bourgeoise) feminism occupies itself with inane symptomatic shit (mansplaining, glass ceilings, Bechdel tests, Slut Walks) while completely failing to organize in any meaningful way against the twin genocidal strategies of rape culture and patriarchy wielded by capitalism.

White women will never live without fear and constant violence until they divest from empire and capitalism: your pain and dehumanization are built into this system by design and there will never be a place in it for you. Selling us out won’t save you – it will only condemn you to fall with this system when it inevitably crumbles.

If your feminism holds more space for a racist genocidal imperialist than it does for an entire planet full of women suffering under the barbarity of the system she has dedicated her life to upholding then your feminism is trash, it’s not going to get you free, and you need to get it together. Read Night Visions. Start over.

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