Solidarity with Standing Rock and #NoDAPL

Solidarity with Standing Rock

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Solidarity with Standing Rock and #NoDAPL/p>

We resist in solidarity with the water protectors at Standing Rock and all Indigenous people all over the world rising up against the exploitation and wanton destruction of colonialism and global capitalism.

Indigenous peoples are the rightful stewards of the lands and the rightful protectors of our shared resources. Indigenous resistance is the only thing standing between the future of life on earth and certain death and destruction from climate change, resource scarcity, and preventable epidemics of disease.

Every justice loving being on the planet must work together to create a world where our connection  to the rest of life on Earth is acknowledged, understood, and protected above all else.

Resisting in solidarity with Standing Rock means resisting for the future of life on this planet.

Water is life.

How to help:

1. Divest from your large banking institutions that are supporting the DAPL and resource extraction.
2. Show material solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Nation, Sacred Stone, and the Red Warrior Camp
3. Call, email, and social media blast your Congressional Representatives, Senators, President Obama, the Army Corps of Engineers, Morton County Sheriff’s office, and ND Governor Dalrymple’s office to bring an end to the entire DAPL, as well eminent domain and the Nationwide Permit 12, both of which are responsible for for the DAPL going forth without tribal, community, or EPA consultation or studies.
4. Become involved in your local #NoDAPL groups and organizations fighting to bring an end to resource extraction.
5. Last, but not least, stand as an ally for Indigenous People in all our of our battles.


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