We provide our communities with resources, books, events, and grow even more, but to do this we need your monthly support to keep us going! Please consider signing up to be a monthly sustainer and make sure that In Other Words stays around for the long-run.

Like every nonprofit, a majority of our funds go towards general operating costs of rent, utilities, salaries, and inventory.  However, much of our operating costs specifically fund the ongoing cultivation and maintenance of our lending library, zine library collection, and our artist craft consignment program.  As a primarily volunteer-run community center, In Other Words also proudly diverts funding to our Volunteer Leadership Development Program that cultivates a peer-to-peer mentorship model where volunteers develop and broaden their expertise and knowledge base.  Volunteers who may not have had the opportunity to lead or develop programs before are now entirely managing important aspects of In Other Words such as our monthly art show curation, our artist craft consignment program, our lending library, and managing our community programming events that take place on a daily basis at In Other Words.  Please give generously to fund one your favorite volunteer-run feminist community center.

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10 ways to support In Other Words

  1. Donate or become an IOW member and help us continue to build the feminest and join your community in sustaining our community center while promoting gender equality, education, and activism!
  2. Spread the word about the work we do and help us promote our events.
  3. Become a  volunteer!
  4. Have a useful skill we may be in need of? Join our resource council and make your knowledge available to us! Email for more info.
  5. Donate items from your business to be used in a fundraising raffle or auction.
  6. Attend one of our many events.
  7. Throw a house party and donate the door money to IOW.

Supporters have donated to In Other Words in honor of:

Julie Park-Williams
IOW Volunteers, because they rock
Beautiful Families event during Pride, so many cute gaybies
Rich Alldredge
Alicia Breslin Dunn
Susie Thurston
Jane Knechtel
Kim Meinert *
My mother
Sarah Groshell
Kim Schmucker
Celeste Grover
Sarah Short
Johanna Brenner
Anna Rochester
Grace Hutchins
feminism & stuff
Stephanie “rock star” Summers
Mary “the cane” Walsh
Mykeia Martin
Jeana Hooker
Ali Young
Julie Park Williams
Marilyn Von Seggern
Optic Nerve Arts
Kate Kimball
Evelyn Hall
Susie Thurston
Linda Hummer
Johanna Brenner
Jane Knechtel
Becca Moore
Laurie Wallmark
Audre Lourde
Betty Kohler
Vivian Williams
sts doolittle, the raddest co-worker ever!
Johanna Brenner
Rebecca Luxenberg
In Memory of Jane Emery
Evelyn Hadaway
Monique Wittig
All of the fabulous guests at our wedding!
Jazz McGinnis
Evelyn Geiger
Julie & Chris Park-Williams Wedding
Human Equality
All Feminists
In Other Words’ 17th Birthday!
Ealeanor Garrick
All the crazy women that make the world go round!
Heather Frazier
Bess Korey
Rich Alldredge
Jane Emery
Goddess Johanna Brenner
My Amazing Daughter Marie
Susan + Judy Popkin
Fran Day
Rachel Adkins
Heroic Womyn of Color
Anne Marie Hiestand
Judy Meuth
Chuck Haas
Jean Two
Dirty Queer
Larry Meinert
Georgia Yuan
Marian Paola
Cherokee Rose guests during 2012
Jenifer Brontsema
A community center that supports, loves, shares, and cares for the Feminine voice
Madeline Jaross
Emily Kearns
Finally finding my feminist community
All those in need
Anne Lebwohl
My father
Bonita Egan
My nieces
Jane Emery
embracing a diversity of feminist perspectives!
IOW Board of Directors
Judy Meuth
Kim Meinert
my nieces
Johanna Brenner
Sarah Lipkin
IOW Volunteers!!!!!
Celeste Grover
Old Lesbians Organizing for Change
Alice King
all my Black Feminists, hollah gurl!
Lauren McCartney
Elizabeth Brenner & Joy Seitchik
Jamie Rea
my inner goddess
Kristina Mose-Libon
Ann Tracy
Sara Tretter
Katie, the midwest’s contribution to modern feminism
Kamala Puligandia
Sarah Lipkin
Heather MacAllister
Wyatt Riot
Sylvia Tribich
Iris Marion Young
Kronda Adair
Diane Bonder
Katie & Amber…keep up the good work!
Betty Millard
Ayla Holland
My Bobba, Mother, & Aunt who passed away
Lexi Carter
Daniel Wilcox
The Gays
Sophia Smith
Margaret W. Miller
Lauren McCartney on her Birthday!
Kate Shrum
We’Moon Womyn
Amazing feminist work!
Charlotte Nolz & Mary McCartney